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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic back in the winter, one thing I've noticed an increase in sales in is my Change of Address/Moving Announcement Cards. I was wondering if people were having to downsize because of unemployment or if it was just a fluke, so I did a little research. And sure enough, there it was.

I found an article talking about a Harris poll that had determined that 3 in 10 people were actually considering moving out of the cities and into more rural parts of the country to be away from the more densely populated areas. Many others were planning to move closer to extended family members because of the pandemic.

Another entirely different reason many people are moving is to find a place where they can set up a home office. No one actually knows how long this might last. And since being forced to have their employees work from home, many businesses are realizing the benefits of giving the option to those who don't absolutely have to be on site. And if they can work from home, many are seeing the benefits of getting out of the more expensive downtown areas and into the suburbs.

These are some of my most recent additions to my Change of Address Moving Announcement Collection. I wanted to show you some of the different ways you can take a design that I already have in my shop and use it to create something a little different.

  1. This card is a postcard with your new address information on the front. The back has a space to customize with your address already designed into the template. You can still add your address onto the back before ordering even if it isn't on the template. It's just easier like this. The back has lots of space to add your own message. You can design it in with Zazzle's tools before ordering or wait until your cards arrive to add a handwritten message. In another post, I'll show how to use Zazzle's tools to add your own text to your products.

  2. This is also a postcard that has templates for both your address and message on the back. This makes it super easy to make it your own.

  3. This Change of Address is printed on a 5"x7" card and comes with it's own envelope. The back is a solid pink, but you can use Zazzle's tools to make it any color you choose. You could also copy and paste the design that is on the front to the back or add a personal photo of your new home. Zazzle has a huge selection of paper types, sizes, and shapes. That's another blog post too.

  4. This is a 3"x4" magnet

  5. This one is a 6"x4" magnet

This is just some of the very basic things you can do with most anything you find on Zazzle. In future posts I'm going to show you some really fun, super-easy customizations you can make to create your very own one-of-a-kind products on Zazzle.

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