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Updated: May 25, 2021

Throughout the day I will check in on my sales to see what's happening in my shops. It helps me to know what my customers want and what I should focus on designing.

Today I noticed that a customer had found my cute ballerina shower curtain in my shop...

and had transferred the design to create a matching hand towel/washcloth and bathmat.

So I designed these products along with a few others to create a matching set.

  1. Wash cloth

  2. Hand Towel

  3. Bath Towel

  4. Bath Towel Set

  5. Bath Mat

  1. Tiled Pattern

  2. Untiled Set

Zazzle's design tool is amazing and is becoming more and more powerful for our customers as new features are added. You now have the ability to take an existing design and transfer it to anything Zazzle sells.

Sometimes these designs transfer seamlessly, and sometimes they don't. So when you purchase a product in my shop through a transferred design, be sure it looks like you want it to. If not, contact me and I will be happy to help you get your product just the way you want it.

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