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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Blankets are very popular on Zazzle, especially around the holidays. It's an easy choice because everyone could use another blanket. And getting one that is personalized with special photos and text is a thoughtful gift and will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

This blanket for grandparents is one of my most popular blankets. It makes a great Grandparent's Day, Christmas, birthday, or any day gift.

Check out more of my fleece blankets on sale in my Zazzle shops. And as always, if you see a design in my shop but you can't find it on the product you want, either try to customize it yourself (following the instructions below) or contact me and I will help.

These designs can be transferred to sherpa or throw blankets or any of a large number of other Zazzle products.

To transfer your design, scroll down on the product page and you will see "Transfer Design to a Product" with lots of choices of products to transfer to. Sometimes the design fits perfectly on the new product, but many times it doesn't.

If it doesn't fit properly, click on the product you want to design. Click on "Personalize this Template" then "Click to Customize Further" and you will be in the design tool. Now you can click on your images or other design elements and drag them around till they fit just like you want. Then click "Done" in the top right and "add to cart."

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