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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Over the past few years Zazzle has made some major changes to their site, allowing their customers to have more creative control in creating gifts and stationery that is their own individual style. Their text and font tools are so powerful. But as a designer, a see a lot of customers who are confused about how to use them. I will use some of my own products to show you how to use the design tool when working with text.

This is my Purple and Pink Watercolor Wildflowers 75th Birthday Invitation for women. This is part of a large collection where I have tried to create cards customized for many different ages. But the beauty of Zazzle is that even though this is designed for a 75th birthday, you can easily change the text to make it for someone who is celebrating their 40th, 50th, or 100th birthday. It doesn't matter.


Let's change the text on this invitation. Here's how:

On the product page and to the right of the product image, click on "Personalize this template." That will bring up a drop-down menu with fields that you can fill in with your own text.

If the product has an image template that you can customize with your own, it is on this menu as well. Just go down to the image and click "Change". That will bring up a menu for you to upload your own image.

Occasionally when you change text, your own text won't fit properly onto the product. If this happens, scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu and click "Click to customize further."


Take a look at the layout of this page.

  1. In the middle you will see the product you are designing.

  2. The left column has all of the design elements. You don't need to use this.

  3. The right column has a place where you can edit text, change your font, change your color, and font size, justify your text to the left, middle, or right side, scale the design up or down without having to use size buttons, rotate, flip, anchor, change your letter and line spacing, orient text horizontally or vertically, curve your text, and then there are tools for the designer.

But right now we're going to look at the text tools.

Let's pretend that the text you put into the fields on the menu takes up too much space:

  1. Look in the center of your page at the design. Click on the text you want to work with. Grab hold of the little box that surrounds your letters and stretch it out. Many times that will work if you have added text, and it ends up dropping down and your text is now on two lines instead of one. Does that work or do your letters still take up too much space?

  2. If it still takes up too much space, make sure you have clicked on the text you want to work with, and go to the right column and use the minus sign on the Scale to decrease the size.

  3. Now click on your text in the design, and drag it to where it looks right on your product.

  4. Remember, I am always happy to help with customizations.


Zazzle has an amazing collection of fonts. And sometimes you won't truly fall in love with your product until you find the right font.

  1. Go to the fonts in the right column and click the drop-down menu. This menu has 2 columns-the left column has all the fonts, and the right column lets you choose a particular type of font (if you know what you want). If you want to see everything Zazzle has to offer, just click "All Fonts" in the right column and start scrolling.

  2. Change a font by clicking on the word or line of text you want to change on the product image. Now go to the fonts and click on each font until you find one you like.

When your card is just like you want it, click "Done" in the top right, examine your final product and click "Add to Cart".

Watch for more tutorials where I will walk you through some of the most common problems customers have with the site. And as always, if you need help, contact me for help with your customizations.

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